Affordable housing cuts down on traffic.

95% of people who work in Golden commute.  Fewer commuters, less traffic

Affordable housing helps businesses

People shop where they live, more than where they work.  Employee turnover would be lower.

Affordable housing is good for the neighborhood’s stability 

A stable resident builds a relationship with the landlord and neighbors, this develops trust, security and sense of community.

Affordable housing is good for a healthy community

When people are rent or housing burdened, short or long term, it adds to their stress which affects physical and mental health.

Affordable housing helps landlords

Landlords are better off with a reliable income stream.  Renters who are able to afford their rents provide stable income for landlords too.

Affordable housing is good for all

A renter in a stable, affordable environment develops trust in, and wants the support of the landlord/owner.  This reciprocal respect is good for community harmony.

Affordable housing has positive benefits

People who can afford rent and not be burdened are more likely to pay their debts, buy goods, participate in activities, have better mental health.