#KeepColoradansHoused: Rent is Due July 1st, but many tenants can’t pay.

The following is a message from the COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project:

Thousands of our neighbors across Colorado will be unable to pay, leaving them at risk of eviction and homelessness. We ask you to join us in calling on Governor Polis to issue stronger protections for renters. In his words, you can’t be Safer at Home without a home.
This is because Colorado has some of the worst COVID-19 tenant protections in the nation. Unlike more than twenty states, Colorado has no eviction moratorium in place to keep tenants housed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is unacceptable. Especially with a second wave of COVID-19 looming, it is essential to #KeepColoradansHoused. Like the virus, the eviction crisis will impact Black and Latinx communities more severely. In order to slow the spread and protect Colorado families, Governor Polis must continue to exercise his executive power to protect renters across the state. It is critical that each of us demand better protections for the thousands of Colorado renters who will struggle to pay rent tomorrow. Can you join us in tweeting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 1 when rent is due as part of our #KeepColoradansHoused Day of Action?

Please tweetcall, and message the Governor. We are using the hashtag #KeepColoradansHoused to amplify our message. 

  • @GovofCo thank you for your previous eviction bans. As you often say, the policy has to be governed by science. With COVID-19 on the rise, Coloradans need to be safer at home now more than ever. Please #KeepColoradansHoused and reinstate the eviction ban. #copolitics
  • No one should be evicted during a pandemic. COVID is on the rise in Colorado, we must take action to #KeepColoradansHoused #copolitics
  • We are calling on @GovofCo to #KeepColoradansHoused. You cannot be #SaferAtHome without a home. #copolitics
  • You cannot be #SaferAtHome without a home. Colorado needs better protections for renters as we fight COVID-19. #KeepColoradansHoused. #copolitics
  • Tens of thousands of Colorado families will face the risk of homelessness in the coming months. With COVID-19 on the rise, Colorado renters should be protected from evictions. #KeepColoradansHoused #copolitics
  • Without stronger protections, renters across Colorado will continue to experience unnecessary suffering. @GovofCO should use his executive power to strengthen tenant protections to #KeepColoradansHoused #copolitics
  • Rent is due today and families across Colorado will struggle to pay and have very limited protection against eviction. @GovOfCO please take action to #KeepColoradansHoused as we fight the spread of Covid-19. You cannot be #SaferAtHome without a home. #copolitics
  • Rent is due today and Colorado is not preventing evictions during a pandemic. @GovOfCo you have the power to step in to #KeepColoradansHoused. To seriously combat the spread of COVID, Coloradans must remain housed. #copolitics


Tenants, you cannot legally be evicted from your home unless your landlord gets a court order, even if you have not been able to pay rent. You have the right to file an answer and go to court.

Landlords, it is illegal to use self-help to remove tenants (e.g., changing locks, turning off utilities, harassment, or intimidation).

The Statewide Eviction Moratorium Expired June 14th

Gov. Polis’ statewide eviction and foreclosure moratoriums expired on June 14, 2020. There is a new Executive Order that:

(1) Requires landlords to provide tenants with 30 days’ notice (instead of the normal 10 days’ notice) for non-payment before filing for eviction. During this 30-day period, tenants can pay rent.

(2) Prohibits landlords and lenders from charging any late fees or penalties for any breach of the terms of a lease or rental agreement due to nonpayment that were incurred from May 1, 2020 until June 13, 2020.

Information Resources:

Description of the Eviction Process 

Know Your Rights presentation (from 9to5 Colorado and the Colorado Poverty Law Project).

Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention (Colorado Division of Housing)

A Colorado Tenant’s Guide to COVID-19 (COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project)

Questions and Answers about Evictions (Colorado Legal Services)

Housing-related Information (Colorado Legal Services)

Mobile Home Eviction for Non-Payment of Lot Rent in CO (Colorado Legal Services)

The COVID-19 Eviction Crisis—An analysis by the COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project

Tools to Help Renters Find Out if They are Protected from Eviction (Federal Housing Finance Agency)

Housing Resources—9to5 Colorado

Colorado: Landlord/Tenant

Colorado Judicial Branch: Forcible Entry & Detainer/Eviction (FED)

Colorado District Courts

Colorado Revised Statutes

Legal Resources for Tenants:

COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project

Colorado Legal Services (CLS)  303-837-1313

Housing Resources—9to5 Colorado

Colorado Poverty Law Project  303-293-2217

Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado

Protecting Renter and Homeowner Rights During Our National Health Crisis (National Housing Law Project)

Colorado Housing Connects  844-926-6632

Centro San Juan Diego  720-507-8343

Mi Casa Resource Center  303-573-1302

Housing and Systemic Racism

Visit our the Anti-Racism Resources Page for information and resources about Housing & Systemic racism.

COVID-19 Housing Updates

State of Colorado COVID-19 Housing Resource Guide: Click here for a comprehensive guide to housing resources and assistance available to Colorado residents. Check back regularly for updates from the state.

COVID-19 Rental Assistance Campaign for Golden Residents

The Salvation Army Golden Service Extension Unit, the City of Golden, Golden Civic Foundation, and Golden United are working together to help the growing number of people during the COVID-19 crisis who are facing housing insecurity. While this need has always been present in our community, it is especially urgent now that we support people in dire straits from lost wages and other impacts of this pandemic.


Give today and your donation will be MATCHED (up to $7,500) by a generous grant from the Golden Civic FoundationDonate today and DOUBLE your contribution. Donations are processed by the Salvation Army Golden SEU. If you want to donate by check, scroll to “donate by mail” below.

Your donation to The Salvation Army Golden Service Extension Unit will provide assistance for Golden residents needing emergency support in paying for rent and/or utilities (please put “Golden United Housing Assistance” in the comment section).


Need help? Please complete this form. Don’t worry, your information is safe and confidential.


Help us get the word out! Download and share flyers, social media graphics, posters, info sheets and more.


Please make checks to:

The Salvation Army Golden Service Extension Unit (SEU)
1320 Arapahoe St.
Golden CO 80401
Phone: 303-279-2188

Please put “Golden United Housing Assistance” in the memo.


About the Golden United Housing Task Force

Golden United launched a Housing Task Force in 2018 building on outcomes of a Housing Forum at Foothills Art Center.  This Housing Task Force is a volunteer residents group that is conducting the following activities:

  1. Promoting awareness and education on housing issues and solutions for Golden
  2. Convening discussions and citizen engagement to protect existing affordable housing in Golden
  3. Providing input on and engagement with improvements to city codes and planning processes and new developments to maintain Golden’s character and affordability of housing
  4. Developing and sharing a toolkit on Accessory Dwelling Units and related improvements to code to support appropriate ADU developments
  5. Mobilizing funding for emergency rent and utility assistance for Golden residents to keep current families and residents in their homes.  Further information is available and donations can be made here.
  6. Exploring approaches for matchmaking of well-qualified renters with seniors looking for individuals to rent a room

The task force has compiled a wealth of resources on housing issues that are available in this Google Drive folder.

Check out the information on this new Housing Task Force Page on the Benefits of Protecting Affordable Housing in Golden.

The Golden United Housing Task Force meets the 1st Wednesday of the month from 6 to 8 pm. All are welcome and no registration is needed. We are keen to have others join the Housing Task Force.  Please contact Kathy Smith or Ron Benioff ( to learn more.