Golden United Housing Task Force

Golden United launched a Housing Task Force in 2018 building on outcomes of a Housing Forum at Foothills Art Center.  This Housing Task Force is a volunteer residents group that is conducting the following activities:

  1. Promoting awareness and education on housing issues and solutions for Golden
  2. Providing input on and engagement with improvements to city codes and planning processes and new developments to maintain Golden’s character and affordability of housing
  3. Developing and sharing a toolkit on Accessory Dwelling Units and related improvements to code to support appropriate ADU developments
  4. Mobilizing funding for emergency rent and utility assistance for Golden residents to keep current families and residents in their homes.  Further information is available and donations can be made here.
  5. Preserving existing housing, especially for professionals and lower income groups
  6. Exploring approaches for matchmaking of well qualified renters with seniors looking for individuals to rent a room

We are keen to have others join the Housing Task Force.  Please contact Kathy Smith or Ron Benioff ( to learn more.