The Inclusion group seeks to convene dialogues by residents with varying backgrounds and interest to enable listening, understanding, and identification of shared interests. The group is planning two initial activities:

  • Flavors of Golden event November 5th at the Masonic Lodge. This event will celebrate and raise awareness of the variety of civic, cultural, and religious organizations in Golden and convene discussions about common elements of our identities and interests as members of the community. All organizations and groups active in the Golden area are invited to attend to showcase their activities and share unique food dishes. All Golden area residents are encouraged to participate, with a goal of having up to 200 participants.
  • Topical Community Dialogues. We plan to convene dialogues across residents on issues of concern to improve our understanding of differing views and pathways for finding solutions of common interest. This may include discussion on such topics as affordable housing, safety, parking, assistance to vulnerable residents, education, etc. These dialogues will likely be initiated in the fall of 2017, likely starting with Affordable Housing together with the other action groups.

Team Leader:  Amy Strader


This group aims to identify and act to protect the elements of Golden’s unique character (e.g. as a small town with heart) that residents would like to preserve in face of various growth and other pressures. This group will pursue two initial activities:

  • Affordable Housing Dialogues. Groups of residents with differing perspectives will be brought together to understand the interests and concerns that each of us about emerging plans to increase availability of affordable housing in Golden. These dialogues will also search for solutions that are of common interest and may offer recommendations to city leaders and take other steps to advance such “shared interest” solutions.
  • Defining and Promoting Key Elements of Golden’s Character. The group will explore further discussion with residents to define the key features of Golden that residents would like to preserve and steps that can be taken to maintain these features.


Expanding Opportunities

The group is researching different ways in which a diverse group of Golden residents can increase opportunities for residents that are being left behind to reach their full potential. This may include strengthening workforce development initiatives and vocational training and job opportunities, as well strengthening tutoring programs for K-12 students where there are gaps in such programs. The Opportunities group will evaluate the need for action in these and other areas in consultation with existing organizations and determine what further steps it will take. It will also assist with the Affordable Housing dialogues described above.

Team Leader:  Hannah Fritiz