The Salvation Army Golden Service Extension Unit, the City of Golden, Golden Civic Foundation, and Golden United are working together to help the growing number of people during the COVID-19 crisis who are facing housing insecurity. While this need has always been present in our community, it is especially urgent now that we support people in dire straits from lost wages and other impacts of this pandemic.


Give today and your donation will be MATCHED (up to $7,500) by a generous grant from the Golden Civic Foundation. Donate today and DOUBLE your contribution. Donations are processed by the Salvation Army Golden SEU. If you want to donate by check, scroll to “donate by mail” below.

Your donation to The Salvation Army Golden Service Extension Unit will provide assistance for Golden residents needing emergency support in paying for rent and/or utilities (please put “Golden United Housing Assistance” in the comment section).


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Please make checks to:

The Salvation Army Golden Service Extension Unit (SEU)
1320 Arapahoe St.
Golden CO 80401
Phone: 303-279-2188

Please put “Golden United Housing Assistance” in the memo.


Existing Grants for Housing and Utility Assistance Cannot Keep up with Demand

The Salvation Army Golden Service Extension Unit is managing the grant. They have a strong track record of making a big difference in people’s lives by providing emergency rent and utility assistance. The average amount of assistance provided from January to March was $3,400 per month, but that amount jumped to $6,150 in April because of COVID-19. The graph above summarizes this data.

COVID-19 Has Depleted Existing Funds

Previously, the financial assistance requested and provided covered a portion of rent due, but with precipitous loss of income, now people need help with the full amount of their rent, which can be up to $2,000 or more. Funding for The Salvation Army Golden Service Extension Unit comes from Bell Ringing, donations from local churches and community members, and a one-time grant from the City of Golden, which is already paid out. Budgeting is done on a monthly basis, but with the increased need for assistance, which began in April, the existing funds for the coming months will not be sufficient.

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

We know that this grant will only be able to help a small amount compared to the need so other funds are being sought as well.  But every bit helps.  Here are two stories of people who, due to circumstances beyond their control, found themselves unable to make ends meet who were helped in April.

  • A family with three children, where both the mom and dad were employed, is now down to one income. The mom was laid off and though the dad is still working, his hours have been reduced. This put them in a position of not being able to pay their rent.  
  • A single mom, who has held a management position for a few years at a fast food restaurant, is still working, but has experienced a significant drop in her hours. This has made it difficult for her to pay all of her bills, including her rent.  

There are benefits to not just these families and others when we help with housing assistance.  Individuals and families who are able to remain in their homes and not face eviction, homelessness or re-location, experience a greater sense of well-being, as does the whole community. School-age children have more positive educational outcomes, employees are more productive, and business owners have reduced job retention issues.

Visit the Golden United Housing Task Force page for more information on our other housing assistance activities.