Upcoming Events

  1. RESCHEDULED – December 2: 2nd Annual Flavors of Golden – 6-8pm at Methodist Church. More details here. Please check back soon for a rescheduled date.
  2. October Forums:
    1. 10/12 Gubernatorial Forum with Walker Stapleton at CO School of Mines 3:30-4:30pm; Grand Ballroom of Student Center. For more information, contact nhall1@mines.edu.
    2. 10/24 Gubernatorial Forum with Jared Polis at CO School of Mines 7-8pm; Grand Ballroom of Student Center. For more information, contact nhall1@mines.edu.
    3. 10/13 Colorado State Ballot Issues Community Forum at Jefferson Unitarian Church 1-3pm.
    4. 10/16 Jefferson County Commissioner District 3 Candidate Panel Forum at Jefferson Unitarian Church 6-8pm.


We are looking for volunteers to plan forums and to assist with outreach activities. Please let us know if you are interested and/or can recommend others.


Golden United is a non-partisan, residents driven effort to engage Golden area community members across all walks of life to find common ground and act with respect and dignity in addressing key issues. It was launched during a May 2017 community gathering of residents from different backgrounds and perspectives, which identified shared values and developed an initial set of actions to expand dialogues and to strengthen the community. These activities focus on Inclusion, Preserving Golden’s Character, and Expanding Opportunities and are described further below.

Golden United is deepening our shared sense of belonging, love for, and commitment to this “small town with heart.” And it is helping us all to listen to and appreciate those whose beliefs are different from our own. In this way, it is preparing us each to participate constructively in local, regional or even national activities that will advance our common goals. Golden United is a complement to but not a substitute for partisan political action advancing specific causes; and it is not intended to duplicate or replace existing groups.


By bringing together community members across segments of society and ideologies for deep listening and understanding, we can establish a shared commitment to key values and to civic actions that will advance our common goals and strengthen this “small town with heart.”


  • Build trust and understanding across the community
  • Identify shared values and actions that can further strengthen Golden as a “small town with heart.”
  • Mobilize action by residents and by local leaders to support these common interests, in harmony with the broad portfolio of existing local programs

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