Join us for our Town Hall with City of Golden Candidates on October 1st from 6 to 8 pm at the First United Methodist Church, 1500 Ford Street. Register here and please submit questions for candidates by September 25th to GoldenUnitedInfo@gmail.com.


We are looking for volunteers to plan forums and to assist with outreach activities. Please let us know if you are interested and/or can recommend others.


What: Golden United is a non-partisan, residents driven effort to engage Golden area community members across all walks of life to find common ground and act with respect and dignity in strengthening the community.

How: Golden United launched in May 2017 where we gathered residents from different backgrounds and asked them to identify shared values and initial actions. Since then, we continued our mission through community forums, rallies, annual events, task forces and teaming with existing groups to amplify their efforts.

Why: Golden United is deepening our shared sense of belonging, love for, and commitment to this “small town with heart” and it is helping us all to listen to and appreciate those whose beliefs are different from our own.

Vision Statement

By bringing together community members across segments of society and ideologies for deep listening and understanding, we can establish a shared commitment to key values and to civic actions that will advance our common goals and strengthen this “small town with heart.”


Golden United engages through 5 streams of action.  We welcome further participation.

  1. Housing Task Force. Golden United has established a community driven Housing Task force which is working on a portfolio of actions to improve access to affordable housing for all income levels while preserving Golden’s unique small town character.
  2. Community Discussion Forums. Golden United convenes discussion forums on topics of interest across the community to improve understanding and identify common ground actions that can be pursued.  Forums have been held on such topics as civility, the rule of law and gun violence, affordable housing, campaign finance reform, and the influence of moral values on our political beliefs. We have also supported bipartisan candidate forums in partnership with others.
  3. Flavors of Golden. Each November, we bring together people of varying backgrounds for a shared meal to celebrate our shared commitment to the community and the contributions of organizations and individuals.
  4. Unity Rallies. Golden United held a rally with over 200 participants in August, 2017 to speak out against acts of intolerance and hatred and may convene similar rallies in the future.
  5. Support for Other Community Activities. We team with existing organizations and the city of Golden to support efforts to strengthen the community.

Contacts:  JJ Trout, jjohnson326@gmail.com – outreach lead or Ron Benioff, benioffron@gmail.com – coordinator.